Pascal Dekoninck and Guy Schotte: a strong and complementary pairing at StudioPro70

Teamwork based on passion, curiosity and art

From make-up and marketing to computer graphics or hair and fashion styling, we take a conceptual approach with every photography project to ensure that we meet the expectation of our clients.


Le StudioPro70, is a complimentary, creative and passionate team of two. The duo includes Pascal Dekoninck and Guy Schotte. A trilingual team, they are both experienced with personalised specialities and particularly unique photography styles.

Pascal's story and background: an image hunter specialising in fashion and advertising

In photography, every project starts with an idea, a concept. Then it is a matter of capturing the idea artistically so that it surpasses the original concept. After more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communication, Pascal Dekoninck decided to reorient himself by offering his artistic skills to companies, uniquely capturing images. He is based in Belgium, but he also frequently travels to Luxembourg and France for various assignments.

Specialising in fashion and advertising photography, he introduces a different perspective of the world through his pictures. He has a unique perspective that tells stories, stimulates emotions and reproduces complete ambient atmospheres. Behind the lens, he is capable of magnifying objects, people and scenes. He is also passionate about portraits, aesthetics, nature and chance encounters. Curious and creative, he manipulates colours, shapes and lights to express the personalities of people.

Guy's story: inspiration from the underwater world and art

Since childhood, Guy has had an attraction and passion for photography. Sensitive and creative, he plays with light to photograph the underwater world and vividly capture unique portraits. For over 20 years, he has been developing artistic images inspired by the underwater world.

In 2016, the Federation of European Photographers awarded him with the "Qualified European Photographer" label. Meeting Pascal Dekoninck allowed Guy to collaborate and work on commercial and advertising photography projects in their photo studio at StudioPro70.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact StudioPro70.